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I am failing to assign a static IP address to my printer, how do we go about this so that my IP for my printer doesn't change

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    Hello Zmanx2,

    In order to have printers keep their IP addresses, we usually recommend setting up reservations for the MAC addresses of the printers on the router so that they always get the same IP addresses. The MAC address can be found on the same ticket as the IP address.

    This way, if anything happens to your routers, it would be a simple matter of recreating the reservations, without having to potentially adjust the DHCP range on the new router or have to connect to the printer with a laptop in order to adjust the static IP to match the new range.

    If you do insist on setting static IPs on the printers themselves, the instructions on how to do so depend on the make and model of the printers were are discussing. This normally involves browsing to the IP of the printer, and login in using the login credentials. Please note, if you do set a static IP address, make sure it is outside of the range of DHCP addresses supplied by the router, or make sure to put a reservation in place to make sure the router doesn't wind up assigning that IP to something else which can result in an IP conflict.

    If you can let me know which printers you are looking to do this on, I can provide you with instructions on how to do so.

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