Dusty Inventory Issues

New Analytics user here. I'm noticing some issues when running the canned Dusty Inventory report (no customizations):

  1. It includes archived items, even though the "Include Archived" filter "is equal to No"
  2. The "Quantity on Hand" totals don't match the Retail side at all. For example, according to Analytics, the #1 item in my Dusty Inventory report has 47 on hand, but when I click over to Item Details in Retail, it shows I only have 2. Same happens for items that are archived on the retail side – Analytics says I have 15 on hand when, since they're archived, I obviously have 0.
  3. The "Days Since Sold" metric also doesn't match the info in Retail. Again, according to Analytics, it's been 608 days since the #1 item in my Dusty Inventory report has sold, when in reality, it sold 129 days ago. (And so, shouldn't show up at all since my dusty threshold is 180 days.)

Any idea what's going on? Am I just misunderstanding how this report should work?

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  • csltbookscsltbooks Member Posts: 2

    After talking to Lightspeed support, they refreshed our data and the issues have been resolved. Just in case that helps anyone seeing similar weirdness in the future!

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