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Sometimes we want to report on Inventory levels for all Products except a certain collection.

Tags is not a good way to filter out products. This is because products with multiple tags will remain on reports even if one of their tags is filtered out.

The best way to filter out a collection of products is by

  • category
  • brand
  • cost
  • an identifier within one of the unique fields (Description, IDs, etc)

But sometimes we don't have that luxury, and tags are what we need to use.

We can isolate the data we're looking for by using a Custom Measure.

To start, let's go to our Custom Fields, and add a new Custom Measure

The field we'll use for measuring is "System ID". This way, it will count each Item as unique that includes the tag we're looking for.

The "Measure Type" we use will be "Count Distinct"

And we'll select "Custom Filter"

which will open up the Custom Measure editor.

I'll start looking for the "Tag" field...

And when I click on the ${} field, it gets pushed to the editor.

Then, between quotation marks, I'm going to type the name of the Tag I'm looking for, let's say "consignment"

Now, when I save the results, it will count through each product whether the tag was included...

...or not

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