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Hello community,

We have developed a mechanism that converts "Retails Sales" to "eCom" quotes, to allow customers reorder their purchases online in the future.

At first when we create a quote on demand and redirect customer to "./cart/recover/{quote.recoveryHash}" it always fails.

Then we realized when we wait a bit after quote creation, we can actually make it work.

So we took another approach and generated "quotes" for all "sales" beforehand.

However this time when we once redirect to "./cart/recover/{quote.recoveryHash}" and leave it, we can not repeat it.

Also we keep getting similar crashes like before randomly per quote (once a quote crashes it consistently does when retrying to recover ).

So questions are, "When can we make "quotes" recover after creation?" and "Does redirecting to './cart/recover/{quote.recoveryHash}' change anything about 'quote' that makes it not recoverable second time?"

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  • LeahLeah Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 176 moderator

    Hi @Malipetek You should be able to use the quote recoveryHash multiple times. I was not able to reproduce the internal server error you were getting. Are you still encountering this issue? Could you please PM me the ID of the account you are using for testing so I can see if there might be something amiss in your settings? Also, if you have gotten that internal server error in the past 7 days please provide the Message ID so I can check our logs. Thanks!

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