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Hello, I would like to understand what all events represent during the lifetime of an order. I have noticed the following:

  1. Is there any additional documentation on the OrderEvents endpoint, besides
  2. Documentation shows 'type' has following options: order|invoice|shipment|notification|return, but 'message' can have new|offer|on_hold|processing|completed|cancelled|paid|not_paid|shipped|not_shipped|message|reminder|rejected|auto_reminder. Would it be possible to get a matrix of which 'message' can appear with what 'type'
  3. I found undocumented 'type' of 'refund', are there any other undocumented 'types'?
  4. I have noticed when I filter on type, it works when type=order, type=invoice, type=shipment, type=notification, but if I use type=return (and the undocumented type=refund) it returns all events, filter is not applied. Is this expected?
  5. When an order includes a Credit Invoice, no OrderEvent with type of 'invoice' and message of 'new' is created, it does however have a OrderEvent with type of 'notification' and 'message' of 'new', is this expected?
  6. What does the 'type' of 'notification' mean. From the data, it looks like anytime something happens on an order, we will always get an OrderEvent of type 'notification', with different messages. is this correct?


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