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Does anyone have any suggestion for a way to get a report that shows the tips, sale amount and settlement method for every transaction?

The cash drawer and user reports show the ticket ID, time/date, table no, sale amount and settlement method but not the amount of the tip. The day reports have the same data - just the total of tips for each server but nothing showing tips on each transaction. For those of us who do not have cc processing integrated into the POS, it becomes very time consuming to try and match cc charges against the cash drawer report when the tips are not shown.


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    Hey @johnwlee,

    Is this for the Retail product of the Restaurant product?

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    There is plenty of space on the Cash Drawer report to include the tip alongside the ticket amount and payment method for each transaction. It would also be useful to have this in the day report (along with the Customer Name which is also strangely absent from the receipt section of the day report). Maybe both of these could be added in at the same time. They should be included in this line in the day report - just add Customer Name and Tip Amount.

    Created on: 15/01/20 7:55 AM -0600 | Total: 3.00 | for table: Corner B | last mod: 15/01/20 7:56 AM -0600 | receipt id: 43266088 | lite server id: 19175 | number of customers: 1

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