Bottle Stock management for wine by glass


We use lightspeed in our wine bar.

we would like to know if it is possible to manage properly our bottle stock?

Basically, when we sell 6 glasses (125ml) or 1.75 carafe (500ml) we need to remove a bottle (750ml) from the stock. Is it any way to do that?

“ingredients” doesn’t work in this case as we sell glass and carafe (and cannot add value with decimal)

please help!


  • VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 67

    Hello fellow wine person! You could probably use the Box item type in Inventory. I admit, we aren't doing by the glass inventory now, we just count the bottles, but I have looked at it and looked at Box. (Item, and change the item Type field to Box).

    We use box for six packs of beer that we sell by the pack or singles. "Breaking" a box is an administrative step that people are constantly skipping, but it works. I looked at doing this for by the glass as well, basically setting up the bottles behind the bar as Boxes with 5 glasses and managing them that way, but we ended up just tracking it at the whole bottle - we just remove the bottle when it is empty or aged out. But we are small, don't have big worries about the staff messing with the margins, so we are pretty loose.

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    Hello @RolK,

    Alas, there's is no way to create such relationships in Lightspeed's stock management, ie: for Lightspeed to know that 6 glasses = 1 bottle. As per VintageWineGuy's comment, you'd have to do the calculations manually and adjust your bottle stock for every 6 bottles sold.

    We do integrate with companies that are specialist in stock management. You can find a list of these partners here:

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