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JMayJMay Member Posts: 3

I Thought i saw somewhere on here where there was an app or integration that would pull stock photos and information based on the upc. We have a very unique resale business and this would save us so much time. Let me know if anyone can help or guide me in the right direction. Thanks for looking


  • terry_skuplugsterry_skuplugs Member Posts: 4

    Hello JMay,

    Could you please elaborate more what exact you want to do. We can pull this information for you. Terry

  • JMayJMay Member Posts: 3

    My business is buying and selling Amazon overstock Pallets. We have all the Asin numbers I am needing to be able to import the ASIN numbers into sheets or a program. and pull all stock images and descriptions. I do not need reports on the product. Just Stock photos and descriptions. @terry_skuplugs

  • primordialsoupprimordialsoup Member Posts: 3

    Pointy will do this, but only to their own platform, and using product's UPC codes (ASINs will not work, as far as I have seen). There is no other service that will do such a thing, and no, Pointy doesn't give you access to the database of information afterwards.

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