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I have many products with more than 12 variants, and Lightspeed says it themselves in their documentation - customers can't purchase what they can't see. How do I remove the 12-image limitation imposed by Retail to eCom integrations? I was informed by LS Tech Support that it's possible to modify the Theme in the Theme Editor to do this. So far I've been unable to identify any settings that mention "12" or "images" that would relate to the limit of 12 images on products. I'm a developer so I can do this myself, I just need to know even which file to look in. Presumably these files must have some relation to the Edit Product page on the back end as well, otherwise I'm not certain how the limit would be removed there.

I will say right now, upfront, I am NOT paying $156+ (CAD) / year to remove this limit (sorry, AdVision). I've already paid way too much money for this system, and it was supposed to be far more flexible than it is proving itself to be.

To be totally honest, I was sold on an entirely different eCom solution than is now presenting itself, after signing our non-refundable contract. A "maximum of 12 images per product" limit sounds to me like you can have a maximum of 12 gallery images on a product - individual variants can still have their own images, 1-12 each as well. This needs to be made far, far clearer by the sales team prior to ensnaring new customers.


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    There are no options in the theme editor that will allow you to upload more than 12 images to a product.

    You can however upload images externally or through tools>files and paste the URL's of those external images in one of the product_data fields in the product page beneath "extra template data", separated by a comma or so. That way you can access the images in your product.rain template.

    There might be some more options if you become an app-developer for Lightspeed yourself, but I don't know. I've tried to sign-up twice to become a partner without any succes or more info.

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    Okay! This definitely helped point me in the right direction. I needed this documentation:

    So now I'm going to figure out how to read comma-delimited data in the data_02 field. Sweet! Thanks!!

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    Probably a dead discussion given that it a year old but...

    The 12 image limit is proving to be a major pain for us as well.

    Did you have any success with setting up the ability to use more?

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    You can contact your account manager and request a product image increase which gives you 20 images. There are unfortunately no (current) plans to increase this further.

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