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Hello everybody.

we ran into a problem with Lightspeed with Combos and i thought i would share this with the community as others may have the same issue and this could trigger a development on their side.

Hers's the thing: we are a Restaurant serving Tapas-style dishes (small portions of a large variety of item) and usually people let us decide what they eat - they typically just tell us if they want more vegetarian or vegan or meat and we do the composition for them.

In order to have standardized orders for big group orders i would like to be able to create combos which contain items (products) more than once depending on the size of the table or group.

The present Combos don't allow to add an item more than once and this is very annoying.

I asked LS several times to help us and they came up with a couple of approaches but none is workable.

The easiest way would be be able to crate the type of Combos i just described above but - to be more concrete - would translate like this:

Combo for 8: 3 times product 1, 3 times product 2, 2 times product 3, 1 time product 4, etc, etc..

In this manner the kitchen would see exactly what to produce and the customer would see exactly what they are paying for and the staff would save tremendous time typing in the order .. .especially when the table is not 6 or 8 people but 30 or 40 what we have all the time.

Please help me push this request

All the Best


Luxembourg (Europe)

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  • Katherine_WelfordKatherine_Welford Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 77 moderator

    Hello Pitt,

    When looking at Combos and Choice products, the best way to think of it is that the Choice products are "OR" equations, meaning you can pick one from the choices, and the Combos are "AND" equations. Combos allow you to throw together both normal and Choice products.

    ie: A three course meal might have: Choice of starter, Choice of Main, Choice of Dessert and a coffee.

    So let's say you have a combo for 3 tacos and each taco can be of a different type, so the combo would include: 1st taco choice, 2nd taco choice, 3rd taco choice.

    Each of those choices could have the exact same option, so the customer could easily order three of the same, two of one type and the third of another.

    Does this help?

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