Analytics Custom Building: Holiday Season Year over Year

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This report is one in a series that discusses some best practices at the end of the calendar year. To see other ideas, check out: 7 Useful Annual Reports in Lightspeed Retail

We can use Analytics to measure how the previous Holiday Season compared to that of previous years.

Holiday Season, all dates

We could start by running a Recent Sales Report, but then adding a few customizations to it.

Change Date Filter

First, let's switch out the filter for Sale Completed Date from the past 1 week...

To the past, let's say, 3 Complete Years

Also, let's add one more filter from the "Sale Month Name"...

Of which we'll select "November" or "December"...

Add Relative Day of Year.

Next, we'll add a Custom Dimension for "Relative Day of Year"

We'll want to add a common source for the dates, we can do this by adding a new Custom Dimension through the Custom Fields

(This is the code you'll need)


...and we'll remove the "Completed Date", so that the dates are gathered together

Pivot on Sales Year

Finally, let's pivot on the Sale Completed Year:

So our Data plot should look a little like this:

Let's run it!

Analyzing the Report:

So now we have three years' worth of Sales from November 1st through December 31st, day by day...

For some additional analysis, we could add a Table Calculation for running total, at the Custom Fields:

Our calculation will be:


Let's save it

So now, if we hide the Measure from Visualization...

And open the Visualization:

We'll be able to see what the Holiday season looked like for the past three years!

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