Using a Vendor API for digital products.

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Where do I get help with a vendor who has an API to add digital download products to my site? From what I seem to understand this is supposed to be a pretty straightforward process for someone who has the proper knowledge.


  • LucienVersendaalLucienVersendaal Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 249 moderator

    Hi @IowaMagic,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    When you have a vendor with an API you'll need to connect these to your sites API. To request an API key for your eCom shop you'll need at least our Advanced Subscription. Requesting an API can only be done with the email of the shop owner. After getting the API keys we have a lot of partners who can build such a connection for you. If you find a developer by yourself that's also fine. You can request the API keys to fill in this form and choose for eCom.

    I hope this will help.

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    Thank you Lucien. How do we get in touch with these partners? I have a larger request and that could be part of the whole project. Here is what else I am looking for........I apologize, I am cutting and pasting some of it may be redundant:

    I work with a wholesale company that has over 13,000 items in its inventory and updates a CSV file every evening by 6pm PST.

    New products are added almost daily, and as products are discontinued they will fall off the CSV file. They also offer PRESALE items that are up for sale before we have the physical product. This is usually a week to 10 days in advance of items being physically available. 

    A.) I would like to be able to sync their products with Lightspeed - both retail and eCom. I do not want to sync every single item, but items of my choosing. MANY of the products offer videos, or trailers, for the product. I would need those added to the eCom side as well. My limit is 5,000 products on Lightspeed and I want to stay below that threshold.

    B.) This company also offers digital download items that I want to offer on my website. The company provides an API to link to their servers to offer these digital products. 

    This company does offer, as they call it, "web services". Here is the information from their website:



    Web Services is a way for anyone to access specific data from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.'s systems. Access to the data is done programmatically by an experienced software developer. The developer will retrieve the data, and based on your requirements, manipulate the data into your system.

    We have a sandbox that allows you to test your custom applications before deploying to production. Also, there are documents and example code for you to download.

    Our Web Services offer you the following:

      Get all our Products information

      Submit Orders



      Display real-time Inventory Quantities

      Automate Order Submission

      Automate Product Additions

      Reserve Products before Submitting an Order

      Retrieve Information on Products based on 2 Dates

      Offer Streaming Video to your Customers


    It would be a plus to be able to to use everything that is available but not necessary.

    The company has other documentation available and offers some assistance getting things aligned, but obviously doesn't offer specialized help for every type of shopping cart or eCom provider.

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