Label barcode Configuration

Hi guys!

I been reading the threads and no information regarding what I'm looking for.

I'm trying to make the barcode fit on the trillions labels that I purchased using brother Ql-570 label printer

I woud like to have it as close as possible to the (Womens Ladys top )

At the moment the BARCODE below is to small to where the scanner is not reading it.

Im guessing if i make it bigger it would be able to read it but doing that would require to bring it up

or if there is another suggestion I would appreciate it

Any help would be appreciated!


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    From your lightspeed home page, click the three lines in the top left corner, click settings, then click print templates.

    scroll through the templates in the bottom window

    Should look like this

    {# Alt. Label (2.00x1.00) CSS settings #}

      .label.size200x100 .custom_margin {

        margin: {{alt_top_margin}} {{alt_right_margin}} {{alt_bottom_margin}} {{alt_left_margin}};


      .label.size200x100 .description {

        font-size: {{ alt_description_font_size }};


      .label.size200x100 .price {

        font-size: {{ alt_price_font_size }};


      .label.size200x100 .barcode {

        position: absolute;

        bottom: {{ alt_barcode_vertical * -1 }}px;

        left: {{ alt_barcode_horizontal * -1 }}px;


    Try changing the barcode position to a negative value

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    Thanks for the Help!

    Try to do that but nothing happened any other option?

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