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Is there some development being done in regards to serial numbers?

We find it odd that we have to manually add each serial number separate from a purchase order and the system never forces you to select one during a sale or when someone is return an items with serial number it never asks for it.

Our numbers are all over the place when trying to keep track with Retail. Onsite did a great job of serial number tracking.

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  • HeatherHeather Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 101 moderator

    Hi @agscanada

    Thanks for your feedback! This is not currently on our development roadmap but I have passed along your comments.

    I also welcome you to add your request to our Lightspeed Ideas feature request page. This way, other Lightspeed customers can vote for requests and all feedback goes directly to our Product & Development teams to help them plan and prioritize new features.



  • NilsSorensenNilsSorensen Member Posts: 9

    I would love to hear when serial number management will be added to the development roadmap, and hope it is soon! Serial numbers aren't the afterthought that Retail treats them as, they need much more respect when a product is marked as serialized. Don't be afraid to plagiarize yourselves and copy OnSite ASAP.

  • bholla1bholla1 Member Posts: 1

    Absolutely agree with this. We sell a wide range of technology and being able to track the serial numbers from receipt to sale is vital. The fact that you chose to drop this from Retail is why we're unlikely to stay with LightSpeed now that OnSite is no longer getting support and from my conversations with similar stores they're making the same decision.

    Your competitors have been much more on the ball with serial number management. As far as we're concerned this is not an optional feature but an absolute requirement.

  • NilsSorensenNilsSorensen Member Posts: 9

    Good to see this getting more and more traction! The theory of how serial numbers should work is already done - OnSite was perfect. The task is just implementing the system code in Retail to work the same when a product is marked 'Serialized.' Serial number reports also need to be brought in from OnSite, as these are also essential to our business. Serial number history and records are the number one thing we access every day besides daily transactions.

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    Hi, we are Lightspeed Partners, we can help you to import your Serials numbers. You can reach out to . If you are interested, you can even test our self serve tool for this.

  • mattapplepiemattapplepie Member Posts: 3

    It blows my mind that Lightspeed retail doesnt support serial numbers. I can't look up a work order by serial number, only customer name?!?! This is crazy. Lightspeed onsite was perfect. I will have to jump ship because of this.

  • mkulik2mkulik2 Member Posts: 4

    It would be very helpful if after you added a serialized product to a sale, you could scan the serial number instead of having to find it from a dropdown. Our serial numbers are very similar and I can see someone accidentally picking the wrong one that looks close/similar. Having the ability to scan the serial barcode and add it to the sale is a needed feature.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 702 

    Does the drop-down offer a typeahead feature? Like if you start typing in the first few characters, do the choices narrow down? If so then you could barcode scan the serial number and it should take.

    Otherwise this typeahead feature is relatively easy to implement in the UI if someone from Lightspeed should take on the enhancement request...

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 120 
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    This is ridiculous. We are a gun shop and as such serials are super important. We only stayed with Lightspeed after closing Onsite because of the serials.

    But I have just discovered that I can add the same product serial number on the same product to different customers and salea over and over again. This is so incredibly dumb. Why even have serials????

    Please tell me this is going to be fixed ASAP!!!!!

  • ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 49 ✭

    +100 for more work needed on the serial number front. Coming from On-Site, where it prompted you to input the serial numbers while receiving, LSR adds extra work by requiring us to then open the product and add the serial number later. It's also kind of pointless that it will let you add duplicate numbers, and unless I'm missing something, there is no way for me to search for a specific serial number to verify it was purchased here. Not a big deal if it's a product I only sell twice a year, but if I sell two a day, looking through the old s/n list becomes pointless very quickly.

    PLEASE give serial numbers the attention that they deserve!!!

  • NilsSorensenNilsSorensen Member Posts: 9

    I respectfully think this is one functionality where LightSpeed should be more forthcoming with the plan and timeline - especially for all the OnSite migrators. This isn't a proprietary feature that needs to be confidential for competition or legal reasons, this is bringing the software up to feature parity with other cloud-based POS on the market and OnSite. And it really affects most large-scale businesses trying to rely on Retail.

  • VanessaDVanessaD Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 724 moderator

    Hey @ngilson and @NilsSorensen ,

    Thank you very much for your interest! Your voices have been added in these requests for further development for serial numbers!


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


    Lightspeed Retail Support

    866-932-1801 ext. 2 (Toll-Free)

    514-907-1801 ext. 2 (Montreal)

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 120 

    Vanessa, Is there any word on WHEN the developers might look into this?

    Maybe a little bit of a time line? "The development Manager estimates it might take 6 months to fix" or is it 6 years?

    Anything please as I see you constantly responding saying "Your request has been added to the list........ But has it really?

  • caskmusiccaskmusic Member Posts: 12

    Casting my vote for serial number system system improvement being a necessity. The current system is begging for mistakes to be made (which would be very challenging to undo). Serials should be concurrently with the stock being received, and the drop-down seems to allow me to see all of the serial numbers that were ever in stock? For some of my items that amounts to dozens, and most serial numbers look really similar.

  • feensctyfeenscty Member Posts: 8

    We just migrated from Onsite to Retail, and it is very upsetting to find that serial numbers have been ignored in the Retail version. Our vendors require serial numbers for many products for sales and for warranty requests, so the inability to link a serialized item to a serial number is a serious flaw in this software. We should be able to receive a serialized product with its individual SN when the product is received on a purchase order.

  • Aaron_BrownAaron_Brown Member Posts: 1

    Music stores are also heavy on serialized inventory, which is required for warranty verification and items returned to vendor. Add my voice to the chorus, please.

  • chschs Member Posts: 3

    we just moved from another pos system under the impression there was the ability to enter serial numbers? yet during a sale an item marked as serialized has no place to enter it?

  • ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 49 ✭

    @chs You just need to make sure that the "serialized" box on the product you are trying to sell is checked.

    Once you've got that, when you add it to your sale, you'll have the option to select a serial number that is already in the system (assuming you've added it), or add it at the time of sale.

    Hope this helps!

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 120 

    @chs but be careful. The serial number system is more like a note than an essential part of the item and sale.

    You can add serials to items that have zero stock levels.

  • missinglinksammissinglinksam Member Posts: 1

    Just chiming in here. It feels completely bonkers that:

    1) You can receive "serialized" items without ever entering any serial numbers

    2) You can sell "serialized" items without ever selecting a serial number

    As long as those two things are true, then Lightspeed effectively does not support serial numbers at all. They aren't just features that would be nice to have, they are essential functionality. This should be at the top of your to-do list.

  • lightspeeduserlightspeeduser Member Posts: 1

    I just signed up for Lightspeed and am completely dumbfounded that the serial numbers system is a complete scam. There is no such feature, yet the demo makes it appear like the functionality is there.

    There is simply no serial number tracking on any purchase order. I cannot notify my customers of any recalls. I cannot track which supplier is sending me problematic units.

    Serial numbers are linked to absolutely NOTHING as far as I can tell—especially after reading the comments from other users as well as Lightspeed support. "Not on the development roadmap". Are you serious?

  • ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 49 ✭

    @lightspeeduser just wait until you find out about supplier invoices.

    *Spoiler Alert* They don't exist. :(

  • BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 18

    We were discussing this in our shop today as well. We greatly miss the forced Serial Number entry required to receive and sell Serialed products, it just kept everything so tidy and organized. I know products are going out without serial numbers recorded because our team was in the habit of trusting LightSpeed OnSite to let us know when they were required on a sale.

    Another vote for thorough, fully-functional Serial Number system here.


  • BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 18

    By @Shootersshed

    "...but be careful. The serial number system is more like a note than an essential part of the item and sale.

    You can add serials to items that have zero stock levels."

    This was a shocker!

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