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agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 38 ✭

Is there some development being done in regards to serial numbers?

We find it odd that we have to manually add each serial number separate from a purchase order and the system never forces you to select one during a sale or when someone is return an items with serial number it never asks for it.

Our numbers are all over the place when trying to keep track with Retail. Onsite did a great job of serial number tracking.

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  • HeatherHeather Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 94 moderator

    Hi @agscanada

    Thanks for your feedback! This is not currently on our development roadmap but I have passed along your comments.

    I also welcome you to add your request to our Lightspeed Ideas feature request page. This way, other Lightspeed customers can vote for requests and all feedback goes directly to our Product & Development teams to help them plan and prioritize new features.



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