Need help organizing and billing work orders for a employee perk program

I own brick and mortar store and we deal mostly with individuals. We provide service as well as sales and use lightspeed to maintain service records, serial #s, etc... We are starting to work with a new company that is planning on using our services as a employee perk. They want to offer their employees our labor services at no cost to them while leaving their employees to cover the cost of parts. We are unsure of how best to account for this in our system so we can generate monthly invoices for the employer and maintain service records for our customers.

Our current idea is to create two workorders, one for the customer and one for the company. For the customer work order we would have a labor line item that explains the labor charge so we keep a record of what was done but without any actual charge. We would apply any parts used during the work order as would usually be done and associate the appropriate cost. We would them make a separate work order for the company that would include the name of the employee and the number of the workorder so we could reference it if needed. This work order would have the actual cost of labor associated to it. We would bill the company monthly for all performed labor.

Is this an good idea or is there a better way to use lightspeed to accomplish this?


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    Linking the two work order together may be a problem. Also i am sure the company wants to know what employee they are giving the reward.

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    Hey @Kindred

    Here are a couple options considering I'm not quite sure how you plan on ringing up these work orders, or if you're malleable on how you plan on ringing them up:

    1) You could create a customized payment type:

    To do this;

    -Go into settings and Payment Types

    -Click the +New Payment Type button on the top-right of the screen

    -Assign a name (like warranty) and save the changes.

    You can now use this payment type to pay for the work orders of their employees, which can be pulled up using the Payments received report.


    -You can still ring up the work orders under the actual client name.

    -The Payments Received report can be used to track the value to be charged to the vendor/partner.

    Challenges :

    -There's no invoicing system. (You'll need to create the invoice by pulling up the Payments received report and filtering manually for the Warranty Payment type to piece together an invoice.)

    2) Ring up all the work orders under the customer profile for your Customer/partner.

    To do this:

    -Create a profile for the name of the company

    -Assign them an account limit of however much you want to allow them to borrow (there's no monetary limit, so you could set it to 1 million)

    -Use that customer to ring up all future work orders when it comes to their employees and pay for each of them using the credit account.

    -Make sure to include a 0$ miscellaneous item on the bill with the customer in question the workorder will belong to.


    -Invoicing is an option since all the charges get routed to the customer profile. On the customer's account page, you'll be able to generate a monthly invoice and see what items were charged to the account.


    -The work orders won't belong to the clients who had the work done on their bikes but the company who you rang it up for. (follow-ups become harder because the customer name is only on the receipt as a note/0$fee).

    Hope this helps you shed some light on options! If you want to go over these more closely, please call-in to our technical support team so we can discuss ways that are specific to your setup.


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


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