Reserving stock quantities via the API ?


I'm trying to find a way to reserve some stock so it can't be sold in the mean time in-store. I'd like to do this via the API if possible. The only way right now I can find a way of doing it is by posting a complete sale with item quantity information but that's far from ideal as I wish to hold the stock until it can be manually processed by a human. Is there another/better way to reserve stock than what I'm doing currently ?

Please help!




  • RobinRobin Partner Posts: 2 partner

    I'd also like this. Processing our web orders at the moment is a nightmare as there is no "Order" functionality as in Lightspeed Onsite. It's either a quote or a completed sale/invoice.

  • ianbaxterianbaxter Member Posts: 1

    This is something we would like to see as well. The ability to reserve/commit inventory on an order before it is fulfilled is a must-have feature when integrating with other sales channels.

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