I can't scan book barcodes?!?!

Someone please help!


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    We have the same problem.

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    I have the same problem and fixed it by using the programming bar codes on the Socket Mobile website under the model scanner i have.

    I have a S700 Socket Mobile scanner and setup the scanner for my Ipad with the default programming bar code for the IOS system. Then scanned the "Bookland ISBN Format" bar code into the scanner. I used the Bookland ISBN-13 bar code to make sure Lightspeed picked up the 978 prefix on the book bar code.

    Let me know if this fixes it or you help. Lightspeed was no help to me and did the research to get this to work perfectly for me.

  • VD_LSVD_LS Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 796 moderator

    Hey @sacredheart926 !

    If your scanner is not scanning-in your labels, it could because of the following:

    If you're using small or Jewelry labels: Make sure the Scan Small Labels option is checked in the General Options of the Settings in Lightspeed. (seen below)

    If this is unchecked, the small/jewelry labels are using a condensed system ID code, so this completes the code and allows it to scan-in.

    Another reason may be that you may need to re-program it to your iPad/PC, if this is the case, and since this seems specific to your store location, I suggest you call-in to our support team so we can better assist you.


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


    Lightspeed Retail Support

    866-932-1801 ext. 2 (Toll-Free)

    514-907-1801 ext. 2 (Montreal)

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