Products.json + updated_at_min filter seems broken.

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Hi there,

Here at Montapacking we have been using your ecommerce API for quite some while. But since yesterday approximately 3:00 pm, it suddenly started giving errors. When I request all the products with the 'updated_at_min' filter, it returns a 502 Bad Gateway error. This started happening while we did not change anything on this front and using the exact same date on the variants endpoint still seems to be working just fine.

When I remove the 'updated_at_min' filter the endpoint seems to work just fine.

I provided a postman screenshot with the error:

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi @wdehek I was not able to reproduce this issue on my test shop. Since Montapacking is a partner, I will open you a ticket to further investigate.

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  • wdehekwdehek Member Posts: 3

    I managed to resolve the issue by changing my updated_since DateTime format. It turned out I wasn't following the exact same standard as the documentation suggested.

    Still a little strange that this was still working all this time, up until now.

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