Connector with Business Central Cloud ?

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I'm developer at Assyst Europe and we are interested by your e commerce and POS solution.

We essentially work with Business Central Cloud, with our customers, products, ... Is there a connector that links your solution and Business Central ?

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  • LeahLeah Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 176 moderator

    Hi @Bunya There is no integration that I am aware of. You could potentially build one using our APIs:

    Retail API Documentation

    eCom API Documentation

    API Support
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    Hi @Leah,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I have still several questions about your solution :

    We are selling our products like this : One of our representatives goes to customers one by one and with his tablet (iOS or Android), he encodes the different products for the customer and concludes the transaction on the application, once all the products to buy are chosen by the customer. Our business plan is B2B.

    I have several questions about your product :

    1) We essentially work with Business Central Cloud. Our customers, our products, our orders are saved in Business Central. But you said that we can develop our connector with your API tools, so that could be possible to link your solution with our datas in Business Central Cloud.

    2) Can we link a seller and a client to each order ? We want to see the performance of each seller, but also the purchase history of customers.

    3) Can we choose the type of payment or deactivate it when we confirm an order in the POS application ? We manage the payment from our side.

    4) We essentially need 4 functionalities :

    • Create sales orders
    • Create product return
    • Offline mode
    • A planification tab by seller : A sort of schedule that can be configurable by an admin

    5) Can we work with our iPads ? We don't want to buy new devices or hardware solutions.

    6) Can we have customization in the POS solution ? For example, often in other solutions we thought that the pictures are very small when we wanna choose articles to add to cart in the POS solution. Can we have a customize solution for more ergonomics ?

    7) Is it a cloud solution ?

    Best regards,

    Bunyamin Aslan

  • LeahLeah Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 176 moderator

    It sounds like the custom solution you are looking for is very complex and would require a professional integration developer in order to achieve. Your questions should be addressed to whoever would be potentially building your integration. You can provide them with the links I sent above as well as the link to our eCom documentation, found here:

    With this information, they can familiarize themselves with the system, as well as Business Central Cloud, in order to let you know if the integration you seek is feasible.

    API Support
    Lightspeed HQ
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