On our receipts I put a link and QR code to a survey. What I would like to do ultimately is offer them something Free for taking the Survey.

Does Lightspeed recommend or work with any companies that have the tracking abilities for Surveys?

Meaning: If someone takes a survey you want to give them some Redeemable code in order to get the Free Item that can be tracked and shown it was either used / invalid etc..

Any thoughts on companies or processes you might have set up to accomplish this would be great.

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  • Katherine_WelfordKatherine_Welford Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 17 moderator

    Hi Peter,

    Are you able to get a list of the people who have completed the survey from ?

    Alas Lightspeed would have no visibility into this, so redeemable codes from have to come from

    If they have some way of providing the customer with that code when they fill out the survery, you could create a 100% discount on specific products.

    You'd have to take note of what codes have been redeemed so people don't try and use them more than once.

    Would that do the trick?

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