Wireless Card Terminals w/ Lightspeed Payments

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Hey all.

Just wondering if anyone has tried using any payment terminals with Lightspeed Payments, other then the ones listed?

I'm looking to find a wifi enabled, mobile terminal to take to trade shows.

I know I could just take one of the LAN terminals with me and bridge it through my laptop, which would be connected to a mobile hotspot. But that's a lot of moving parts haha.

Any help would be appreciated!


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    Hey @RetroRev !

    Currently, only the TriPOS software enabled terminals are compatible with the Lightspeed Payments as a processor. All other non-TriPOS software terminals won't be compatible.

    There is however a WiFi enabled payment terminal called the Verifone P400+, which is compatible with Stripe and Lightspeed Payment. Be mindful that the WiFi option isn't officially supported but is enabled and fairly easy to use.

    To check to see if you qualify for the Stripe Payment Processing side of Lightspeed Payments, feel free to reach out to your account manager and they'll be able to go over the requirement criteria with you.

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    Thanks for your reply! I guess I missed this a while back.

    Can you tell me if there are any card swipes that are compatible with Lightspeed Payments?

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    Hey @RetroRev !

    As it is, we currently only offer EMV-enabled devices. This is specifically because as of November 2020, non-EMV devices will no longer be supported by any payment processors for security reasons, requiring merchants to get EMV-enabled devices.

    Hope this helps!

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    Well it could be a card swipe or chip reader that will talk to the ipad and be able to process a payment while out of the shop at shows.

    Anything like that?

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    Hey @RetroRev !

    This is a conversation that's best had with your account manager, as they can help you assess if your particular trade-show setups will be worth using this particular payment setup.

    They'll also need to assess with you your business needs but you may be eligible for the Stripe payment processing option we offer. There's only 1 terminal available for this setup, which is the Verifone P400+. It has WiFi compatibilities but is not a suggested setup.

    Feel free to reach out !

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