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How do other retailers display related products on the screen so that employees can recommend up-sell items?


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    Hey @allenangell !

    This is a great question. By default, Lightspeed doesn't offer popups so as to offer related products.

    However, you can create custom menus in your sale tab associated to category submenus or custom-made submenus where you assign up-sell products based off of services requested in a sale. There's quite a bit of handy-work involved in creating this but it is worthwhile in the end.

    Ex: You offer up-sell opportunities based off of the services your customers purchase for their bikes. So if they buy a tire rotation service and you notice that they should consider getting their breaks checked etc.

    Your submenu could be called : Services Up-sell

    Inside the submenu, you'd assign specific items to buttons with the name of the services that customers get frequently (ex break check, Waxing for the frame of bike etc)

    • Start by creating your submenu. Go into settings > Custom menus
    • Click +New Menu on the top-left of your screen
    • Assign a menu title and color (if you want) and save the changes
    • A menu to add buttons to your submenu will appear when you save the changes
    • To start adding items, under Add New Button you'll assign the name of your first up-sell product
    • Make sure the type drop-down is set to either Add Item(s) or Category Submenu (this lets you either assign 1 item to the button, or a whole category's worth of items, if your up-sell products are categorized)
    • Assign a color (if wanted) and select the +Add Button to Menu button.

    You can keep repeating the steps above for each item. When you're done creating buttons, you'll need to link the item to the button itself.

    • Click the pen icon on the left-hand side of the button name
    • Search for the inventory or non-inventory item(s) you wish to assign to the button (or the category of the items you want to display)

    Note: You can add more than 1 item to a button, so if you offer a whole kit for sale, you could click the 1 button and have multiple items appear.

    Hope this helps!


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


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  • erica_pikeerica_pike Member Posts: 6

    Following along here.

    How I understand the question is "Can the 'related products' section be auto-filled based on customer purchasing patterns?" It is extremely time-consuming for our staff to complete this section for each of our 15,000 products.

    If lightspeed could aggregate the data from customer carts from previous purchases (using data from eCom and retail side) that would be great. For products w/o any sales history, then having a specific report for those items so that staff can focus on those items.

    Thanks for any follow up on this!


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