Hello Collegas,

We have a dutch and english webshop and work with Justuno since 2012 now for some reason the app is giving problems and they said is only 50% compatible with lightspeed integration at the moment. We never had a problem with the App before but is giving problems of showing and not showing up in our shop. Also our conversion is not working as well

I manage to add the embedded code to the footer but for this i have to change my template from theme settings to theme Editor and is not way back from that one without going back to basics, now i added the embedded code in the footer.rain but i have to replace manually the whole justuno embedded code to ???? page.

Anyone familiar with Justuno settings? The one we have in our back office apparently is not good, so Justuno explain to me, and they don't recommended to integrate that way.

I'am not savy in this html codes nor embedded codes, anyone will experience with Justuno integration i will be forever grateful.

i hope to hear from someone.


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