API access to vendor catalogs?

sam123456sam123456 Member Posts: 54

We're having some issues with the data quality in the vendor catalogs as well as the fact that new products aren't checked for possible duplication before import. To work around that i'm having staff NOT add products from the catalog. Instead they're instructed to manually search for new barcodes in the vendor catalogs then copy that info over to a spreadsheet that I use to check for duplicates or instances where multiple individual items should be imported as a matrix..... this seems inefficient.

So this is sort of a two part question:

  1. Whats the best way to resolve issues that arise by using the vendor catalogs? Specifically: no check for duplicate products before import, skus with missing fields, inconsistent field values, and the inability to import as a matrix
  2. Is there an API endpoint or other way to access catalog data in bulk? Some of the vendors offered in the catalog offer their full catalogs directly via FTP or other means, bu tit'd be nice to only have to interact with LS.


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