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Hoping someone might have had a similar experience. We are relatively new to Lightspeed. The system was incorporated about a year ago, shortly before I left for maternity leave. Now back to work, I realize the team has been working with a completely incorrectly inputted system. We have about 650 items, some of which belong to a completely separate company. Ultimately, we are wondering if there is a way to overwrite the current inventory, delete completely, or in some way, start over on this import.

I recently exported the full inventory list, in hopes we can update the sheet and then upload again, but that does not address items that need to be removed (should never have been there to begin with). Does anyone have insight or experience with some of this? TIA.

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    Hey @OliviaManning !

    Officially, there is no way of deleting items in retail as the records are often tied to sales, which are the basis of all reports in the software.

    As an alternative solution, which I feel is just as good, you could merge all items into 1 item record, meaning that all the quantities and sales processed will reassign to the last remaining item, which can then be archived to delete quantities and have it not appear in your day-to-day searches.

    If this is something you'd like to do, simply go into inventory - Item search and select 1 item that will be the last standing.

    From there, select the MERGE tab on the lower-left corner of the item card and expand the search query to 100 lines per page.

    Finally, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and select the checkbox next to "Select All" and hit Merge.

    Repeat the merging for each set of 100 items.

    Hope this helps!


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