Customer wants to change the payment method after the sale is complete.

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I have customers who pay with one type of payment (example checks.) and when they come back in to return or exchange they would like to change the payment method. For example they pay with a check and now they want the check back and would like to pay with a credit card, is there a way to change the payment method and charge the card without refunding or voiding the sale and creating a new sale?

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    Hey @abe !

    The payment type, if non-integrated (meaning that it's not tied to a credit card/debit card or Account transaction) can be changed after the sale is completed by navigating to the Payment tab of the completed sale ID.

    To find this, go into reports - totals and search for the sale ID you wish to modify and click the blue sale identifier on the left.

    From there, select the payment tab. If the payment is non-integrated, the name of the payment type should be a drop-down menu where you can simply click the updated payment type.

    If you still don't have access to changing it, even if it was a cash payment, this is most likely in relation to your employee role and you'd need to check-in with someone with the necessary permissions to do so.

    Hope this helps!


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