Charging a service charge by % of the sale?

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I would like to add a service charge according to the % of a sale but only by specific sales.

Example: Customer A has a bill of $100, if they meet a certain criteria I would like to add a 3% charge to total sale which would add $3. But Customer B does not get a service charge, so I want to be able to manually add the charge where is applicable?


  • AzTAzT Member Posts: 74 ✭

    Just tested this on my account and it worked perfectly except that there would also be tax added to this, although there might be a workaround you could find. Go to settings and then open discounts, title the discount, select percent for the type, then enter -3%. The trick is that the discounts feature actually allows negative percents and dollar amounts which would then become additional charges, this would be perfect for stores that wanted to have a percent charge for something like returns as a restocking fee.

  • BshellBshell Member Posts: 6

    This works but if you do it this way the receipt says Discount: "name of fee" and the amount. Is there a way to NOT have it say Discount when using it to add fees?

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