The grant type was not specified in the request (resolved)

pgoodshippgoodship Member Posts: 5
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I'm trying to renew my expired auth_token using the refresh token.

My API and OAuth was working fine 40min ago, and I'm now getting "The grant type was not specified in the request" even though the grant_type is set to "refresh_token" as per the documentation.

** got it working, thanks

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  • kdoll007kdoll007 Member Posts: 3

    Can I ask how you got this working? I am trying to get an Access Code but keep getting the error {"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"The grant type was not specified in the request"}

    I can get the temporary code fine but cannot get the actual access code. I am using Postman and attempted following the API instructions through LightSpeed but keep getting this error.

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