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We have integrated Lightspeed E-com with Zoho CRM. But we missing a small thing.

When customers sign-up for the newsletter in Lightspeed E-com shop this info is not visible in the API.

Anyone a solution?




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    I am currently facing the same problem and looking for the solution. I think it is in the Subscriptions endpoint.


    My issue is with the MailChimp integration. It seems that when one of my existing customers makes their first purchase on the new eCom site, they are being deactivated in my mailing lists because they are not checking the "subscribe" button because they are already subscribed in the POS or elsewhere. It is causing me to loose email access to my best customers as soon as they make a purchase.

    There is a Subscription endpoint ( but looking at the output, I am not sure how it connects with the Customer record other than by email. Output is:

      {'id': 732651,
       'createdAt': '2020-04-07T20:56:55+00:00',
       'updatedAt': '2020-04-07T20:58:49+00:00',
       'isConfirmed': True,
       'email': '[email protected]',
       'firstname': 'Blah',
       'lastname': 'Blahblah',
       'doNotifyConfirmed': False,
       'language': {'id': 3, 'code': 'en', 'locale': 'en_GB', 'title': 'English'}},

    This makes some sense as people can sign up but not be customers, but not sure what is driving the link - and not sure what is telling MailChimp to disable them.

    I just did some testing based on the doc here ( and edited one of my customers to subscribe them, and it did add a item for them in the Subscriptions result. I am assuming the connection is on email, I don't see a customer id.

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  • lev_cyclistlev_cyclist Member Posts: 18

    @Lightspeed Team Has anyone from the support team every looked into this? Doing some research on the subject on the community forum all I see are open threads and no resolutions.

    As someone that is in the middle of setting up a brand new LS Omnichannel with MailChimp integration the issues mentioned are worrying.

  • Ali_MasoumieAli_Masoumie Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 183 moderator


    This issue does not occur when the customer is subscribed for the newsletter in LS first.

    I did a test by first subscribing for the newsletter and then placing an order with the same email address to see if I would get signed out for the newsletter. This does not seem to be the case as my subscription is still confirmed and active.

  • lev_cyclistlev_cyclist Member Posts: 18

    Versus the user signing on through MailChimp ?

    That offers a path, regularly verifying that all users subscribed in MailChimp are is LS as well.

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