Increasing Drip Rate

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We are integrating website with the Lightspeed Retail API and dealing with API limitations. Here are some entities we want to synchronise between our website and Lightspeed:

  • Gift cards
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Inventory levels
  • Categories
  • Customers

Taking into account Bucket size and Drip Rate looks like we can do no more than 6 POST requests per minute to the Lightspeed API.

We are seeing this as an issue as in busy hours there can be definitely more than 6 orders per minute placed. Also, it's crucial for us to synchronise inventory levels between the website and POS and we want to do this at least every 5 seconds.

How can we increase the drip rate or a bucket size to mitigate potential problems mentioned above?


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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 864 

    I know for our initial cutover to Lightspeed Retail we were temporarily granted an increased API flow rate. Since we were importing in thousands of products and whatnot.

    Frankly, the API drip rate that is implemented for Retail is pretty stingy. We integrate with other providers via API endpoints (e.g. - Shopify) and by far Lightspeed's offers the least throughput. I'd hope that could be permanently changed some time in the future. 🤔

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