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 We are currently facing issue for convert sales to work order or special order

 using Retail API. i.e POST /API/Account/{accountID}/Sale.json 

 by using this API we are creating sales in which iteams order also 

 been placed but failed to convert this sales into Special Order or Work order 

 using Retail API.


 We are also facing to get customer info such as Adresss,Email,Phones, Websites

 into Customer API. i.e GET /API/Account/{accountID}/Customer.json 

 for current GET Customer API we not have an Responce for these fields.


 Also we want to write our custom script using an webhook for create / update 

 into Sales in Lightspeed Retail API. but we not get any webhook facility 

 there. please help us out.


  • LucienVersendaalLucienVersendaal Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 991 moderator

    Hi @Mayur,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    About your first question, unfortunately it's not possible to create a word order or special order. You can only flag a saleLine that indicates that the saleline is part of a work order of special order.

    For you second question you can use the following payload:

        	"firstName": "Steve",
    		"lastName": "Jobs",
    		"title": "CEO",
    		"company": "Apple",
    		"companyRegistrationNumber": "",
    		"vatNumber": "",
    		"creditAccountID": "0",
    		"customerTypeID": "0",
    		"discountID": "0",
    		"taxCategoryID": "0",
    		"Contact": {
    			"custom": "",
    			"noEmail": "false",
    			"noPhone": "false",
    			"noMail": "false",
    			"Addresses": {
    				"ContactAddress": {
    					"address1": "Field address1",
    					"address2": "Field address2",
    					"city": "San Francisco",
    					"state": "California",
    					"stateCode": "CA",
    					"zip": "94027",
    					"country": "United States",
    					"countryCode": "US"
    			"Phones": {
                        "ContactPhone": [
                                "number": "H0293784",
                                "useType": "Home"
                                "number": "W0394568",
                                "useType": "Work"
                                "number": "P39452342",
                                "useType": "Pager"
                                "number": "M345234578",
                                "useType": "Mobile"
                                "number": "F23423487",
                                "useType": "Fax"
    			"Emails": {
                        "ContactEmail": [
                                "address": "[email protected]",
                                "useType": "Primary"
                                "address": "[email protected]",
                                "useType": "Secondary"
    			"Websites": {
                        "ContactWebsite": {
                            "url": ""

    Webhooks are only used in our eCom product and not available for Retail.

    I hope this help.

  • SBGSBG Member Posts: 8

    @Mayur till no update / create options for work orders after years or requests. See this post:

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