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We have a client with over 9700 items in his retail system.

We are building a web app to be able to upload a .csv file by creating the warehouse transfer itself and adding the items via the 'Inventory transfer transferitems' to add the items and build the json body with batches of 100.

The main problem is that they might have multiple transfers a day and can only give us the 'barcode/ean' in the .csv file along with qty so we have the fetch the 'itemid' to be able to populate file.

We are worrying that if we download all items(97 calls) for each transfer and loop trough all of them to get 'itemId' we might exceed the limit of calls.

We were thinking of copying a keeping a local copy of the items in a database but if a barcode has been changed in the system to another item it might grab an invalid item from the database leading to a mess.

The ideal way for us is to build the json body with 'ean' instead of the 'itemid' which is not possible.

What do you suggest from your end?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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