Fully Lock END OF SHIFT with open Items

If a server or Bartender has open tickets they should NEVER BE ABLE TO RUN A USER REPORT. ALL TICKETS HAVE TO BE ADDRESSED before they can clockout and leave.

It is not enough to a reminder pop up. This block should only be cleared by a manager or admin with a log generated and report available.

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  • Katherine_WelfordKatherine_Welford Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 77 moderator

    Hello James,

    If the bartenders do NOT have the role "Allow to print user reports if tables are open", they will not be able to proceed to printing their user report without closing their tables first. This is already part of the product.

    I've removed this role from your bartenders group. The Waiter user group already did not have this. Please check your users as some of them have manually been assigned roles. Anyone who you do not want to be able to print with open tables should have this role removed. Once you've made sure, please refresh your iPads by clicking Tools>Clear Cache on the login page.

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