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Hi all,

As our webshop grows internationally, accepting credit card (CC) payments become ever more important. When looking at technology used to accept CC payments, Adyen is one of the companies moving at the forefront (especially considering accepting global payments, for example in Mexico). We see that our current payment provider has limitations with regards to fraud detection, and acceptance rates for CC's in Mexico.

Therefore our goal is to integrate Adyen as PSP, and the first step is to do this for CC payments only.

At this stage I would like to get an impression of potential bottlenecks which we will face when creating this feature. Someone with an extensive knowledge of the LS API would probably be able to spot potential red flags now already. Moreover, perhaps other webshops are interested in this as well - please send out a message here.

Our thoughts right now are:

1) Create a custom payment service integration via the Lightspeed API (

2) Create a Pay by Link from the Adyen API (

3) Use webhooks from Adyen API and Lightspeed API to update order-payment statuses 

Are there any red flags that can be detected at this point?



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  • LeahLeah Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 219 moderator

    Hi @wwdaniel. So far it looks like you have the right idea, this is the intended application of the external services endpoint. At this stage there are no apparent red flags but please do use this forum to request help if you encounter any issues.

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