Communication between RTS and Lightspeed - no shipping updates and stock updates in LS.

PatrickvdHeijdenPatrickvdHeijden Member, Beta tester Posts: 140 ✭


We are experiencing issues with our API integration with our fulfillment partner Audax who is using RTS as their back-end. We (Scenery Workshop - LightSpeed) are able to sent orders to them (RTS) and they can process them. However the communication from RTS to LightSpeed (Scenery Workshop) is not working correct. We dont see any updates coming into LightSpeed, whereas RTS receives the following message.

We received the HTTP 203 status code back(succes). The following reply came from the webshop:

{"type":0,"message":"Exported resources","translation":null,"operation":null,"code":null,"context":[]} 

This means we don't get the update in LS on shipped orders and we also don't receive any Stock updates from the warehouse via RTS to LS.

How can we proceed? We tried to email you, however we were summoned to post it here, but we can't post all API and order-lines in this window.

Patrick van der Heijden


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