Zebra GX420 as a label printer?

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Does the Zebra GX420 or the Dymo 420XL work with Retail Label printing? I need to get one to print shipping labels, and would assume it would work. Also, the ZD410 is kind of several generations old at this point, isn't it? There are lots of better, cheaper options?

Any success stories?


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    I know it does. And also the Zebra 450 does. But they don't have it set up for it. You basically have to go in and turn off the 410 and then go to settings/print templates and actually write the code for the printer and size labels you want. That is the extent of my knowledge as I don't know how to write code. I would love to use my 450 as well but I am also stuck.

    I would also like to customize what is printed on the labels. I like the regular format for price tags. But I need another format to print out the description, serial number, and sku on another label for internal purposes. If anyone knows how to do any of this...I would appreciate the help as well.

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    Hmmm... Ok, well, I am going to have to get one anyway because I need to print 4x6 shipping labels. And I do know how to code, so I will have to take a look and see what's what. I will share back if I discover anything. Thank you!

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    OK, update, I got a Zebra GX420d (refurbished) and it is working with 2"x 1" labels with minimal setup changes.

    I installed the printer on USB, installed the Zebra Setup Utilities, and Zebra Browser Print. At first it gave me trouble, but I quickly figured out that the default media type is set for a 4x6 shipping label. In Windows, I was able to go to Printers & Scanners, select the Zdesigner GX420d printer, Manage, Printer properties, Preferences..., Options, and change the media size to 2 x 1. I was also able to use the Stocks tab and configure a "Lightspeed 2x1" stock, along with my labels stocks.

    2x1 labels printed fine. I haven't tried the others because I didn't buy any stock, but glad the 2x1s worked because I have a case of them.

    I will have to remember to change the stock size in the printer properties, but at least it is a working option.

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    Can someone set up the Zebra 450 printer for the workorder tags. on a 4 by 6 label.

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    Dymo has a utility called Dymo Connect. You can use this with excel exported data and create custom labels. I have not printed a label but have created the label. I do not have a label printer at my location.

    Zebra Design 3 may be able to do the same thing. With Dymo I could create a label without a printer, Zebra requires a printer. Our label printers are in the stores and in the office.

    Dymo and I expect Zebra can be used with the export file from Lightspeed data, I think you can create your own custom label without the export.

    I am trying to create a scan sheet for single items from a box item using a barcode created from the system id of the item. It will be an 8.5 by 11 sheet with barcode, description and picture. We will use this at the register to sell singles from a box. I could print a Lightspeed label but it is small and has extra information. Some of this can be edited but it involves creating a new template. Excel number to barcode generator are available, for about $100. A dymo printer is less than the generator and it will give me a label of my own design which could be put on to the 8.5x11 sheet.

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