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How do you accept payments manually on Layaways? I have read the tutorial, but I must be dumb or doing something wrong because it doesn't seem to work. Oh, and can you change the date on the layaways to an earlier date if you missed getting it in on the day of the sale?

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    Hey @gbratsblondie!

    You can always back-date the sale by going into the sale card (which you can access in the All Transactions report) and find the change date/time.

    With this, you can go back on the day it was initially processed on.

    For the Deposits for Layaways, you can consult the article I've created about >>walkthroughs on Deposits <<.

    It shows the breakdown of what happens when payments are taken, as well as explains how the front and back-end operate when this happens.

    Hope this helps!


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