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AlexBeaudetAlexBeaudet Member Posts: 33

In our retail we specify the product's brand in its title everywhere. As a result there as some spots in the eCom where product.fulltitle is displayed and needs to be changed for product.title as to not have "Brand Brand Model".

I managed to make it all work correctly except for the page title show in the browser's tab. Any hints on where I could change this if possible?


  • JulienDJulienD Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 25 moderator

    Hello @AlexBeaudet ,

    The <title> element should be in the theme editor under the layouts custom.rain and fixed.rain.

    Here is a logic you could maybe apply around it that will allow you to display product.title instead of product.fulltitle in the navigator bar:

    {% if template == 'pages/product.rain' %}
       <title>{{ product.title }} - {{ }}</title>
    {% else %}
       <title>{{ page.title }} - {{ }}</title>
    {% endif %}

    Have a great day,

    eCom Support

    Lightspeed HQ

  • AlexBeaudetAlexBeaudet Member Posts: 33

    This worked perfectly! Great insight didn't think about Title being handled in the custom.rain. Thank you this solves it!

  • hwlshwls Member Posts: 3

    We are trying to troubleshoot a similar issue - we put the brand in the title and full title -  @AlexBeaudet , are you adding the Brand to the title or full title? The issue we have is that when it get's pushed to Facebook and Instagram feeds, it shows the brand twice. If we set the full title to not have brand, and title to include brand, it works everywhere but on the product page. I've tried to set the title to display as .title in the product template, but it doesn't change anything and still shows fulltitle. I'm wondering if it's a caching issue? I'm viewing the test product in incognito, clearing cache, etc.

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