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I am playing with the cart and tax display at the moment. We are based in Quebec and will mostly sell locally with a pickup option (bikes). So I would like for the cart to always display both taxes (9.975% + 5% ) by default no matter where the customer is based. If I complete the first checkout step and go back to the cart popup it will display both taxes then but I could not find a way to force them from the start of the process. Only the federal 5% is applied and more often than now with cart page (site/cart) is displayed like this :

Translation : Total without taxes and then total with taxes. No lines displaying the individual taxes but the total adds the single federal 5%.

At the same step the cart popup looks like this :

I was able to play with the full cart's CSS and stop displaying taxes all together and put a message saying they will be calculated later in checkout. But I couldn't replicate that in the cart-popup.rain so I had to revert my changes.

The two scenarios that would make me happy are :

  1. From the onset the cart (popup and full) will display both Taxes by default and adjustments based on customer's shipping address would be made during checkout.
  2. From the onset the cart (popup and full) will display total price without any taxes and display a message saying that taxes will be calculated during checkout.

Thanks for your input!

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