Taxes display in cart

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Taxes display in cart


We are a shop based in Quebec, Canada and so we have two taxes to apply.

I toyed with all the theme settings and could not setup eCom to my liking so I am asking here if anyone has any ideas on how to do either of my scenarios.


Current situation :


The cart page (full) displays two lines without tax details like so:

Total without taxes and then total with taxes (adding only the federal 5% tax).


The popup-cart page displays the same two lines but adds the 5% federal tax.


If the user goes to checkout and fills out shipping info (or signs in) then backs out and goes back to the cart pages this is what happens :


Full cart still doesn't display taxes but the total with taxes is correct.

Popup cart display both taxes



Here are the two options that I would like to get working. Either one is fine but I can't seem to make popup-cart.rain display correctly. It seems like "something else" is feeding its content for totals and taxes.


Option A:


The cart page (both popup and full) will never display taxes and will display a message saying they will be calculated at checkout based on shipping location.


Option B:


The cart page (both popup and full) will display BOTH Quebec taxes by default with a message saying taxes will be adjusted at checkout based on shipping location.


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    Alright so after some digging I figured out why the cart-popup.rain behave differently and any modification I made to the "totals table" weren't reflected on the site. The cart-popup is being update with javascript in global.js --> updateCart(). I made my changes in the global.js and I now have only the "without taxes" total and a message saying taxes will be calculated at checkout. Hopefully this helps someone who wants to customize this part of eCom.

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