Go to apps link is outdated

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Dear community,

After installing WICS WMS App, we choose to navigate to our App.

However, the link that is being displayed is: "http://.../seoshop/login"

In our Partner Apps of WICS WMS it is clearly stated that the App install url is http://...


Can you tell us how to change this inconsistency? It is not clear to us why it is displaying a old url, which is invalid.

Kind Regards,



  • RemieRemie Member Posts: 4

    Here is a screenshot from our App page.

  • RemieRemie Member Posts: 4

    Thanks due to the quick support of the LightSpeed team our App was reapproved.

    Now the link is correct.

    I have a small question however. Before, the installation link automatically got appended with parameters on the page.

    These parameters are : cluster_id&token&language&shop_id&signature&timestamp

    At the moment these are empty when you click "go to your app link".

    Has something changed or was this the default behaviour?

    Kind regards,


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