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We are building a webshop that will work with a special paymentmethode. The costumer will pay with coins. They will earn coins in their account, which will be in a separate database. That database will be connected with the webshop thru the API connection. When a customer buys a product in the webshop, the webshop needs to check with the external database whether or not the customer has enough coins in their account. When the order has been completed, the amount of coins spend, needs to be communicated to the external database.

We prefer to show the pricing of the products in coins in stead of currency. So it says on the website that a t-shirts costs 10 coins. During the order process the system will check if the costumer has 10 coins in his account and if he does, then he is able to place the order.

Do you have documentation for the IT department on how to build this?

Since the webshop will need to be communicating in coins in stead of euro's. I assume we can adjust this in the code of the thema?

If this is not possible, can you give me more information about what is possible.

Thanks in advance.

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