Emailing Invoices to Customers for Online Payment

omdbymomdbym Member Posts: 1

For a phone order, rather than a customer calling in with credit card information, is there any way to create an invoice to email the customer that goes to a payment portal? I spoke with Lightspeed and it is not an option for them right now, but are there any developers that you have worked with that you recommend for this kind of integration? Or maybe a way around it?

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  • EricaCEricaC Member Posts: 3

    Would love to see this feature!!! We use Cayan for processing our credit cards and login to them b/c can create an invoice with payment link thru there. It's a PITA to have to do that since client info and inventory already in LS. Then when invoice paid we enter it into LS. Even if there was a way to link the two programs that would be a step in some sort of efficient direction. In any case, it's a work around.

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