Emailing Invoices to Customers for Online Payment

omdbymomdbym Member Posts: 2

For a phone order, rather than a customer calling in with credit card information, is there any way to create an invoice to email the customer that goes to a payment portal? I spoke with Lightspeed and it is not an option for them right now, but are there any developers that you have worked with that you recommend for this kind of integration? Or maybe a way around it?


  • EricaCEricaC Member Posts: 3

    Would love to see this feature!!! We use Cayan for processing our credit cards and login to them b/c can create an invoice with payment link thru there. It's a PITA to have to do that since client info and inventory already in LS. Then when invoice paid we enter it into LS. Even if there was a way to link the two programs that would be a step in some sort of efficient direction. In any case, it's a work around.

  • LizmLizm Member Posts: 1

    I am also trying to solve this puzzle right now as using Paypal to send invoices was initially used as a "bandaid" while we transitioned into what we thought would be temporary COVID19 operations. But no, we are looking for a more long term solution with less manual work.

    Has anyone cracked this code yet? Please help!

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 926 

    While we don't use Lightspeed E-Com (only Retail), what we do for "phone orders" for items we don't have online is ... add the item to our e-com site (Shopify), hiding it from the online product listings. Where it's just a direct URL that can't be drilled down through the e-com site. And we e-mail the URL to the customer. They can follow the link, add the item to their cart, and proceed with payment online.

    Of course if the item is already featured online then we just point the customer to that. The only roadblock I could see would be if there isn't e-com payment processing for a particular retailer. I realize it's quicker/easier just e-mailing an invoice directly from Lightspeed Retail. But at least it's some workaround 😀

  • brettlangbrettlang Member Posts: 4

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Brett and I am the co-founder of Ikeono. In response to COVID we rolled out Ikeono Payments which is powered by Stripe. We are exploring other processors such as Cayan and Paypal, but do not currently have an ETA for them.

    This allows you to easily generate invoices throughout Lightspeed, text a payment link to the customer, and get real time notifications of confirmed payments in Lightspeed. You can also now have confirmed payments automatically added as deposits on the Lightspeed Customer profile, and can even associate them with a work order ID.

  • Jeff KellyJeff Kelly Member Posts: 2

    We use Quotemachine for this purpose

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