Possible to modify cart?

AlexBeaudetAlexBeaudet Member Posts: 35


Some labels and things aren't to my liking in the Cart pages and I can't seem to find where to fiddle with it.

I would also like to hide some payment options manually since there aren't any on/off toggles in Lightspeed ecom for things like Paybright integration.

thank you for the headsup!


  • AlexBeaudetAlexBeaudet Member Posts: 35

    I asked support a more specific question regarding PayBright integration and was told to come back here for help.

    On our site we want to allow PayBright checkout only when the cart content respects 2 conditions :

    1. All products must cost 300$ or more
    2. all products must NOT be on sale

    We already make use of those conditions site-wide for displaying PayBright examples of split payments on valid products.

    We can show/hide the Paybright payment provider in the cart with the following CSS :

    But we need to be able to do that conditionally! Bit of a hard one since the cart is "off limits", and for good reason, but if there is a way It would be immensely helpful.

    thank you!

  • MilesbdMilesbd Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 31 moderator

    Hi @AlexBeaudet !

    Thanks for the question :)

    Our cart, checkout, and account pages are not available for editing through the theme editor, (they are off-limits for security reasons, as outlined here: https://ecom-support.lightspeedhq.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000277554-3-Understanding-the-Lightspeed-Draft-framework)

    As such, these pages can only be modified through javascript, or CSS.

    To modify these areas with Javascript, you can use a conditional in the fixed.rain template to include your javascript on select pages, with something like:

    {% if 'cart' in template %}
    {% endif %}

    Happy coding!

  • AlexBeaudetAlexBeaudet Member Posts: 35

    alright knowing where to put that Javascript will be extremely helpful! Thank you I will fiddle with it :)

  • MatijaMatija Member Posts: 3

    How can I change CSS of the Cart Page?

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