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I realize that EMV has some new requirements for receipt printing, but why exactly has Lightspeed Onsite gone with the separate receipt option? Literally nowhere else I've been to as a customer doesn't just have all that required information on the first receipt. This is obnoxious for a few reasons:

1) Half the point of using Genius terminals is signature capture on the device, meaning half the receipts to print. Nope. Now they're printing 3x the necessary receipts.

2) The necessity of having the receipt printer added to the server computer causes all sorts of problems. Every single customer we have at some point has had the error that doesn't let them check people out AT ALL.

3) The setup is too complex for the average Lightspeed customer to figure out on their own, and the error not letting them check people out using Genius isn't specific enough to guide them in the right direction.

This is a big problem for out Lightspeed Onsite/Genius customers. Any chance of a solution in the future that doesn't require multiple receipts or complicated setups?

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  • Blake,

    I understand your frustration with the new EMV settings and requirements but unfortunately we are following the EMV guidelines provided to us. Please see a brief explantation that can be found here under EMVCo

    1. The reason for the separate pieces of paper is in case the user elects to turn off receipt printing for transactions. If this occurs the two additional payment receipts will print out regardless and adhere to the EMV requirements.

    2. The printers have to be on the server as the server is what processes the transactions and generates the EMV payment receipts. While this setup is indeed more complex to setup, once it is established the user should not have to change any settings going forward.

    3. I will be happy to research with our development team about making the error message more clear for our end users. Could you please specify which error you are seeing?

    I hope this clears up any confusion in these changes. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me directly.
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