Google Analytics Enhanced eComm missing nearly 30% of orders...

Has anyone else had an issue of incomplete enhanced eCommerce google analytics with lightspeed?
Currently, GA seems to be missing a random selection of orders. As you'll notice in the photo, the data from order numbers 714, 719, 720, & 727 never made it into GA.

I cannot seem to find a pattern in the types of orders that GA is getting and which are not. Seems like nearly 30% of the orders just don't seem to make it.

All my eCommerce data is skewed. Anyone experienced this?


  • yvigeantyvigeant Posts: 30Member ✭
    Are you using A/B checkout ? This could be the cause, maybe.
  • SiskoSisko Posts: 1Member
    I have the same problem, I’ve noticed that it only happens with certain payment methods. I think it’s because some customers don’t click the ‘go back to website’ link after payment and just close the window which leads to them missing the ‘thankyou’ page and thus google analytics doesn’t register it as a completed order. 
  • BramvanBeekBramvanBeek Posts: 5Member
    We experience the same. Our development partner, who maintains various lightspeed webshops, just informed me that some webshops are even missing out on 70% of the orders. A serious issue that requires immediate attention!
  • ultramarultramar Posts: 9Member

    Same here! @Lightspeed Team please give us a solition. We need good statistics!

    For inspiration, check the Shopify statistics dashboard.

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