Facebook unmatched Content ID for remarketing ads


The content ID pulled from the RSS feed differs from the content_ID passed from the Facebook pixel which results in unmatching all my store products and preventing me from running product specific retargeting campaigns.

What I see from Event testing in Facebook events manager:

Parameters: (7)

  • value:
  • 26.78
  • currency:
  • CAD
  • content_ids:
  • ["45764913"]
  • content_type:
  • product
  • content_name:
  • ["Brave & Bearded Huile à barbe Style Urbain - Default"]
  • contents:
  • [{"id":45764913,"quantity":"1","item_price":"26.78"}]
  • source:
  • huile-a-barbe-style-urbain.html
  • Less

Advanced Matching Parameters: IP Address, User Agent

Active Issue:

Unmatched Products


The product parameter IDs provided cannot be found in the catalog connected to your AddToCart event. This may cause key features of dynamic ads to not be available.


Confirm that your catalog contains the product IDs. You'll also need to check the AddToCart event in your website's pixel code and ensure the ID matches the one in the catalog.

What I see from the product in Facebook Catalogs manager:

Content ID 27522089

Item Group ID product_default_group23218491798449227522089

I have no idea, where either these Content_IDs are coming from as they do not exist in my Lightspeed retail product settings or on the ecom side.

@Lightspeed Team, Help please


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