Product name in Retail vs Product name in Ecom

We are running into a slight issue, that I am hoping is an easy fix.

I am using an app called "order 2 Suppliers" to auto generate email orders to my vendors. This app using %products% to generate the product info. The issue I am having is that Lightspeed has a retail and an ecom side of their system, and the name of the item on the retail side is what the vendor calls it - but a lot of times this name is not suitable to be displayed on the ecom webpage. So we rename the item on the ecom side.

So - for instance lets say the vendor calls the item "Table 23" - well we don't call it that to our customers. So we rename it on the ecom side to "Baldrick Table in Black".

So a customer orders this table, but the email generated by the app "Order 2 Suppliers" grabs the name "Baldrick Table in Black" from the ecom side and sends it to the vendor - but the vendor actually needs to know that its called "Table 23" 

Does anyone know of a way to get the ACTUAL product name from the retail side? I don't think the ecom side keep the actual name anywhere :(

I am new here - so go easy on me guys!


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