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We have an issue where customers don't realise they have to come back to our website to confirm their purchase - they are making a payment on PayPal or AfterPay, and then closing their browser. This makes us think the payment hasn't gone through, even though it may well have.

Is it possible to add some text on the checkout near the payment method to let customers know their order hasn't been received until they press Confirm Order back on our actual website?

This happens multiple times a day and is leading to a lot of frustrations in the business, so would be good if we could knock this on the head. We have looked but cannot see a checkout.rain file to play around with.

Thank you!!!

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    Hello !

    We had the same kind of issue in our shop. customers could buy backorder products but the shipping would be couple days later than the products in stock. Some of them send us a message saying it wasn't clear. So i had to add a label in checkout for every backorder product.

    Checkout page can't me modified by the theme editor itself but you can use JavaScript to add information in the page. Find the place you want the information and create a custom div to place.

    hope this helps a little !

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