Sort by/Filter In-Stock Only

CliffyPCliffyP Member Posts: 9

Does anyone know if there is a way to add a filter or sort by in stock?

Currently we can only sort by highest/lowest price, newest, popular & item name... and only Filter by Brand.

Would be nice to have a Filter for In Stock only somewhere.


  • EricGEricG Member Posts: 2

    This would be a great feature to have. LS please let us know when this will be available.

  • Stephanie MaddelinStephanie Maddelin Member Posts: 28

    I would also love this one!

    now I’m making for every article a manually filter bij size en click them on.

    offcoarse products out of stock are still in it :(

    so then I clean my stock time to time...

  • shoehnshoehn Member Posts: 55 ✭

    I would like to have this option as well

  • BenjaminHornoyBenjaminHornoy Member Posts: 5

    @Lightspeed Team Where are you on this? It seems that a LOT of ecommerce shops would really need this feature, as well as many customers who use those shops!

    Will you implement this filter soon?

  • bentscbentsc Member Posts: 26

    Also very interested in this. I'm able to have the theme not show unavailable products but no way to edit pagination.

  • UrbanArcheryUrbanArchery Member Posts: 4

    This is needed desperately. With the supply chain being so messed up we need to be able to filter out of stock items. Quite a few other platforms offer this and it's great when shopping.

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